Valley of Beautiful Women

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Valley of Beautiful Women

The centre of the Eger viticultural area is located in the Valley of Beautiful Women (Szépasszonyok Völgye). It is one of the most famous places in Eger, not only for its history, but also for the environment and excellent wine.

This is the wine amphitheatres aisle, where the wine cellars are carved into rock and form a monolithic group. Cellars in the valley are hundreds years old and have a long history. In a pleasant natural environment you can enjoy a great tasting experience with the winemaker’s interpretation. Each cellar is original. They are not only attractive from the outside but also the interiors. Each one is different, it combines the delicious red wine with the hospitality of the winemakers. Many cultural events are held in the valley.

The Eger wine region is famous for its red wines, the most produced and most famous brand is Bullish blood (Egri Bikavér). Local growers formed an association and closely monitor the quality of the wine

Szépasszonyok Völgye

GPS: 47° 54' 11.515", 20° 22' 23.188"

Points of Interest in this Area

Eger Castle

Eger Castle

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