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Painted wine cellar Satov

The painted wine cellar in Šatov is one of Europe´s rarities. It is excavated in sandstone slope above the wine village of Šatov and is made particularly interesting by its sandstone walls which are decorated with colourful paintings in the naive art style. The author of the embossed plastic paintings is a folk artist Maxmillian Appeltauer, who was born in Šatov and worked on the paintings from 1934 to 1968. On the painting of the cellar, which incidentally has never been a repository of wine, but rather a private wine room, are all kinds of stories with goblins, mermaids and other characters. You will also find  alpine landscapes, lewd scenes and socialist themes there. The owners of the cellar thought of everything and they had a shelter built at the rear of the cellar, where they hid their entourages away from their wives. A nice touch during guided tours is a sample of the wine.

Malovany sklep Satov
Satov 337
67122 Satov
South Moravia
Czech Republic

GPS: 48° 47' 42.241", 16° 0' 20.461"

Phone: +420 775 682 048

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