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City Tokaj
Tokaj Winery
City Tokaj

Tokaj is one of the towns belonging to the typical Tokaj wine region. The area was the first closed-wine region of the world because of its designated geographical boundaries. Local cellars are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, because they are unique, especially for the mould on the ceiling and walls. Yet many other features make the wine from the Tokaj area a world famous concept. It states that the wine has miraculous healing powers. In the past, they used it for healing. The wine also boasts the fact that all the sovereigns of Europe had wine from Tokaj on their table. The region has favourable conditions for the production of truly excellent wines.

In the town, we recommend a walk through picturesque downtown, where you will find a number of memorial plaques and statues which commemorate outstanding personalities who are closely connected with the town of Tokaj. The most attractive is probably the drinking statue of Bacchus in the centre. You can also ride through the town on a small vintage train.

Visiting the Tokaj vineyards and the walk between the cellars is impressive. We do not recommend that you leave town without visiting the cellars and tasting the wine.


GPS: 48° 7' 26.164", 21° 24' 39.529"


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