Meeting with Rupert Hoogewerf -

A few months ago, myself and Rupert Hoogewerf (the founder of China's ranking of billionaires - similar to Forbes magazine in the U.S.) exchanged a few e-mails with one another, now I’m in Shanghai, so I decided to surprise him in his office. I used the local subway, my thinking behind this, is at least I can take a look at the new district of Pudong in Shanghai. Along the way I found that I left the contact address of the HURUN REPORT company in my hotel room. Fortunately, I remembered the name of the building and like every visitor to China, I previously searched the online map and estimated where the skyscraper could be located :-)

I arrived at the office around 1 pm and according to the words of his assistant, he was in a meeting outside of the building. She offered me a contact number for Rupert and told me that he should be back in the office after 4 pm. I decided to admire the new local skyscrapers (it's growing here like mushrooms after rain). I did not let the opportunity pass me by and for 150 CNY I was taken to a height of 474 metres in the tallest building in Shanghai - SWFC (Shanghai World Financial Centre - Observatory), where there was a really impressive view of the city. Almost all visitors were interested in the glass floor, on which you can walk and see the city at your fingertips. It took just 66 seconds to reach this height. No wonder that the luxury PARK HAYATT Hotel chose to be on the upper most floors. One night costs around 3,000 CNY.

It was just after 4 pm, so I went to see Rupert, this time I was lucky. We exchanged a few words, he wrote a dedication for me in his magazine, we took a photo and we amicably parted …

Even if you have a longer wait you can spend a nice day in Shanghai. I thank Rupert once again for finding a moment for me in his busy day.

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